Cláudio Finkelstein

Leaders in Law endorses Cláudio Finkelstein as our exclusively recommended Arbitration Law expert in Brazil. If you wish to get in touch with Cláudio, please use the contact information provided above.

Claudio Finkelstein is currently a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of SP, at undergraduate and graduate levels. Director of the National Institute of Economic Litigation and the Brazilian Institute of Constitutional Law, former coordinator of the Course on International Contracts at COGEAE and Fundação Getulio Vargas – SP and advisor for TCC, Scientific Initiation, Master’s and Doctorate at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo . He has experience in the field of Law, with an emphasis on Private International Law.

Practice Areas

  • International Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Arbitration Law


  • The Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (1989)
  • Master’s in International Law – University of Miami (1991)
  • PhD in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2000)
  • Free Teaching from the Pontifical Catholic University (2011)

Firm Description:

Finkelstein Advogados is a Law Firm that fits into a Boutique category, agile, modern, specialized, technologically advanced and economical. Able to devote to the customer all the attention of their cases demand. Situated in the noble region of Avenida Paulista, in the capital of São Paulo. Our expertise is business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and arbitration, a neglected market niche by the medium-sized law firm’s market and almost exclusively attended by large-sized firms, usually with high costs passed on to customers. Finkelstein Advogados therefore is a law firm dedicated to consulting in corporate matters, domestic and international trade, focusing on advisory areas and arbitration, both domestic and international. Our partners and consultants are teachers of some of the most traditional and important Universities of the country, such as PUC (Pontifical Catholic University), IICS (International Institute of Social Sciences) and FGV (Foundation Getulio Vargas).

We pledge to dedicate to our clients the necessary attention to the discussion and solution of their problems, offering legal services of unquestionable quality and personality, as our clients are closely accompanied by the partners when the case demands their attention, and associated lawyers, always under the supervision of the responsible partner, when the nature of the task does not require the physical presence of a partner. Our professional practice policy enables us to offer the best service for each case for more consistent rates considering the country’s reality. The firm represents clients of various nationalities, along with a range of Brazilian entrepreneurs with interests locally and abroad. Personal customer service is our main feature, which along with the continuous study and specialization in the most important areas of interest of our customers, provide for the quality work we intend to deliver.

Finkelstein Advogados is therefore a firm dedicated to consulting in business, corporate and domestic and international trade matters, with a vocation for advisory and arbitration areas, both domestic and international.;Our partners and consultants are professors of some of the most traditional and important Universities in the country, such as PUC, FGV and IICS. We are committed to dedicating to clients the necessary attention to the discussion and solution of their problems, offering legal services of unquestionable quality with personality, since our clients are closely monitored by the partners whenever the case demands their attention, and by the associated lawyers, always under the supervision of the responsible partner, when the nature of the task does not demand the physical presence of the partner. Our policy of professional performance allows us to offer the best service to the specific case at rates that are more consistent with the reality of the country.

The office represents clients of the most varied nationalities, in addition to a range of Brazilian entrepreneurs with local and foreign interests. The personal attention to the client is our main characteristic, which combined with the continuous study and specialization in the most important areas of interest to our clients, provide the quality of the work that we propose to deliver.


Priscila Brolio Gonçalves

Leaders in Law endorses Priscila Brolio Gonçalves as our exclusively recommended Competition Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Priscila please use the contact information provided above.

Priscila Brolio Gonçalves has worked as a competition practitioner for more than 20 years. She has extensive experience in the representation of national and foreign clients, in a broad range of sectors, including technology, internet, entertainment and media, financial services and payment methods, footwear and clothing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, education, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, outsourcing and security, infrastructure and automotive.

Work highlights include strategic defence in administrative and judicial investigations (cartel behaviour in national and international markets, bid rigging, unilateral conducts), negotiation of leniency agreements and settlements, submission of complex merger cases, challenge to complex merger cases, coordination of internal investigations (fraud and bribery), design and implementation of compliance programmes for small, medium-sized and large corporate clients, including listed companies.

She is a non-governmental adviser (NGA) for the International Competition Network (ICN) and actively participates in ICN’s unilateral conduct working group.

She is a currently a director of the Brazilian Institute of Competition, Consumer Affairs and International Trade, editor of the Institute’s magazine and a member of the American Bar Association antitrust section.

In addition to her professional and institutional duties, she is a regular lecturer, speaker and teacher on courses and seminars, and also sits on several examining boards. She has authored several articles, chapters and specialist magazines, as well as two books.

Firm Description:

BGA is a law firm specialized in Economic Law, with focus in Competition/Antitrust, founded by Priscila Brolio Gonçalves and her team

BGA aggregates the experience of over 20 years, the credibility and the spotless reputation of Priscila, who was responsible to the first transaction notified to CADE under the pre-merger regime established by Law 12,529/11, with the talent and ingenuity of highly specialized young lawyers.

BGA’s associates have graduated in the best universities in Brazil, all in the top of their classes, and maintain a continued high-level education (LLM and PhD in Brazil and abroad) and constant training in economic law and related fields.

BGA’s team has been working together for years, in a highly integrated fashion, providing clients with strategic services in high profile and complex matters, in an ethical, skillful, innovative, discrete, and meticulous way.

The team has a thorough experience in dealing with complex matters, including merger control/clearance cases (submissions and oppositions) and behavior investigations (both cartel/horizontal and unilateral conduct investigations), competition advocacy, compliance training and policy design.

BGA’s lawyers are recognized for their strategic thinking, business orientation and high success rates.

Work highlights include:

  • Clearance of complex transactions (national and cross border)
  • Opposing and intervening in paradigmatic transactions
  • Advising and representing clients in investigations regarding unilateral conducts (exclusivity clauses, resale price maintenance, discriminatory behavior, tying arrangements, refusal to deal, abuse of IP rights) in several industries, such as tobacco, food and beverage, footwear, health care, automotive, payment methods, collection of copyrights, entertainment, telecommunications and internet
  • Advising and representing clients in investigations of cartel-related behavior, including bid rigging, collusive conducts and high-level global investigations, such as the Forex and LCD displays cases
  • Negotiations of leniency and other cooperation agreements (TCCs)
  • Compliance politics, drafting “Best Practices Booklets” and other documents, and promoting in-house trainings to publicly traded companies
  • Advising clients in regulated industries, designing policy, drafting and commenting bills of law and regulations, representing clients and associations in public hearings, sector inquiries and parliamentary inquiries and investigations

BGA’s practice attracts representative clients (among top listed companies in Brazil and global companies), industry associations and high executives in a broad range of sectors, including Technology, Internet, Entertainment and Media, Financial Services and Payment Methods, Footwear and Clothing, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Education, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Energy, Outsourcing and Security, Infrastructure and Automotive. Clients usually return for new works.

BGA’s antitrust team is also respected by peers and authorities and is cited in national and international rankings and researches.


Antônio Sérgio Altieri de Moraes Pitombo

Leaders in Law endorses Antônio Sérgio A de Moraes Pitombo as our exclusively recommended Business Crime Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Antônio please use the contact information provided above.

Antônio Sérgio A de Moraes Pitombo has been involved in the practice of criminal and contentious advocacy law for more than two decades, and is known for his work in several cases of repercussion.

Pitombo graduated from the University of São Paulo with a master’s degree, and a doctorate, in criminal law. He obtained his post-doctoral degree from the Ius Gentium Conimbrigae at the University of Coimbra’s Faculty of Law. He is a member of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers; the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences; the Manoel Pedro Pimentel Institute, linked to the department of criminal law, criminology and forensic medicine at the University of São Paulo’s Faculty of Law; the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; and the International Association of Penal Law.

Firm Description:

Encouraging participation in continuing legal education seminars, professional association activities and civic affairs, São Paulo-headquartered Moraes Pitombo Advogados prides itself on its ability to combine the dual qualities of a contemporary legal practice – ie, the personally tailored client service characteristic of small law firms, and the cutting-edge technology and organisation of large law firms.

“We defend the interests of our clients in cases both in Brazil and abroad through our partnership with several foreign offices,” says firm founder Antônio Sérgio A de Moraes Pitombo. “In the past 15 years, we have worked on the biggest and most groundbreaking cases in the country, with successful results that demonstrate the distinctive quality of our legal service.”

Moraes Pitombo Advogados’ main areas of activity include crimes against the economic and financial order; crimes against the tax order; crimes against the environment; crimes against patrimony, industrial property and labour organisations; crimes against the faith and public administration; crimes against the person; crimes against the family and sexual dignity; crimes against public safety; crimes perpetrated by the internet; international cooperation; and legal opinions.

The firm’s offices are structured to exclusively serve two areas of law, namely criminal and civil, with distinct teams available to interact and organise a full defence against the state. A team of more than 100 people is divided across three offices, located in the cities of São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro.

“Over time, our headquarters in the city of São Paulo found two fundamental needs for its development,” says Pitombo. “First, we saw the need to verticalise our work in the judiciary, serving clients in the higher courts (the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Federal Court) – hence the birth of the Brasília office, allowing a greater growth and highlight in judgments in both of these courts.

“Second, we wanted to give the same level of personalised service to our many clients in Rio de Janeiro, which required us to reproduce the standard of service quality with a team of equal importance and size in that city.”


Alessandro Alves Jacob

Leaders in Law endorses Mr. Alessandro Jacob as our exclusively recommended Civil Litigation Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Alessandro please use the contact information provided above.

Attorney Mr. Alessandro Jacob has nearly three decades of experience which includes practicing in some of the largest and most respected law firms in the country before founding ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM in 1997, He now has reached the top of his profession providing the best possible representation. When you walk into a courtroom with Attorney Alessandro Jacob at your side, you will know that you have retained a fierce advocate, effective negotiator, trusted counsel and top-notch defense attorney.

He draws on that experience to offer Individuals and companies throughout the Brazil, representation regarding a variety of matters, from pre-suit disputes, through all phases of litigation, including state and federal trials. Prior to starting his own law career, he devoted his practice to learning about day-to-day legal problems and providing solutions to his clients. He worked at six other both small and large law firms, where he gained valuable experience in all aspects of Brazilian law.

In addition to his extensive experience in Law, Mr. Jacob offers client consultation regarding all legal areas covered in the office. Mr. Jacob’s background includes serving as International Lawyer with legal services for Brazilians and non-Brazilians. Mr. Jacob has obtained excellent results in numerous state and federal courts throughout the country. He is also a frequent speaker and writer on legal issues.

Mr. Alessandro Alves Jacob has written several published articles on Brazilian Law. He is a renowned speaker in seminars and lectures and he has been speaking at International Bar Association IBA annual conferences around the world. Mr. Alessandro Jacob’s guiding concern is to give clients clear and straightforward advice on complex areas of the law.

He counsels individuals, families, business owners, trustees and executors. His experience in Brazilian Law serves him well in counseling clients. He believes that a good lawyer avoids complexity and makes things simpler for his clients. In the process of providing teamwork, commitment and dedication, he has built a strong foundation in the Brazilian community based on trust and loyalty. Mr. Jacob is also involved in many bar activities. He frequently appears in the TV advising on Brazilian Law.

Beside his professional personality, Mr. Jacob is an avid runner and enjoys spending leisure time with his family.


  • Pontifícia Universidade Católica – RJ
  • Escola Superior de Advocacia
  • Fundação Getúlio Vargas
  • Harvard

Admissions to Practice

  • Whole country of Brazil.

Professional Affiliations

  • Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – RJ -128.041
  • International Bar Association – 1008212
  • American Bar Association – 1537008
  • Union Internationale des Avocats – MI021876
  • Creci-RJ – 43190

Firm Description:

ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is a premier Law Firm for legal services in Brazil, we providing a comprehensive range of expert legal services for domestic and international clients. The firm is reputed as a leading law firm in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brazil. We protect, assist and represent individuals, companies and law firms from all over the world. The Law office has demonstrated enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a commitment to excellence. The goal of our law firm is to provide cost-effective legal services that combine our tradition of commitment with the latest innovations in the practice of law, we are very proud that is a key reason for our success. Our tradition of exemplary performance executed with practical judgment, remains highly respected among our peers. Our reputation is our most valued asset.

We are very well-know for our aggressive efforts in obtaining the maximum for our clients. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has achieved its success through its goal of complete client satisfaction. This includes meetings anywhere and anytime, our firm will promptly return every phone call, emails and answer all legal questions a client may have. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has successfully represented hundred of clients for many years.


Gabriel Buscarini Leutewiler

Leaders in Law endorses Gabriel Buscarini Leutewiler as our exclusively recommended Trade Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Gabriel please use the contact information provided above.

Gabriel Buscarini Leutewiler is a partner at Santos Neto Advogados, and co-head of the agribusiness, project finance, trade finance, capital markets, OTC and derivatives, real estate, corporate finance, and banking departments of the firm. Gabriel is a former in-house counsel at Louis Dreyfus Company and a former associate at major Brazilian law firms focused on financial and capital markets (mainly private funds), and corporate law. Gabriel’s vast experience includes helping foreign and local investors to structure and implement debt transactions in Brazil, and advising local players on the structure of securitisation transactions in respect of any assets. Internationally, he is distinguished his responsiveness and promptness in identifying and solving problems, as well as his ability to provide very personalised services and a high level of commitment and availability.

Gabriel has a PhD in commercial law from the University of São Paulo and a master’s degree in contractual law from the University of Avignon. Gabriel is a speaker at conferences and the author of several articles, published in specialist media, on agribusiness, capital markets, banking and general commercial law.

Firm Description:

Santos Neto Advogados (“SNA”) is a full service law firm, founded in 1992. Over the years, the firm stood out in Banking and Finance, Agribusiness, Trade Finance, Corporate Restructuring, Capital Markets, Litigation, Corporate, Labor and Tax law, with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team.

With lead offices in São Paulo, Brazil and branch offices in New York City, USA, SNA offers a whole new concept of lawyering called “lean full service”, where each lawyer offers specialty services in two or three areas of law, to keep legal teams lean and efficient, driven to fully understanding the client’s business need with whom we aim to build close and strong relationships.

SNA also has strategic partnerships with foreign lawyers and even counts with an internal consultant in foreign law, that allows expanding the provision of legal services to other jurisdictions besides Brazil, highlighting France and New York State (USA).


Dr. Leandro Luzone

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Leandro Luzone as our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Luzone please use the contact information provided above.

Leandro Luzone is the founder of Luzone Legal, and a recognized legal expert in Civil and Corporate Law, Commercial and Business Law and in Private International Law.

In recent years, foreign clients have sought his opinion on various issues related to Brazilian Law. He has worked as a lawyer and legal advisor for several foreign companies and their affiliates with activity in Brazil and abroad.

Luzone is a World Bank collaborator in the area of corporate and investment law in Brazil, guiding the bank in the elaboration of the famous Doing Business report, which measures the regulation of the business environment in several countries around the world.

Luzone studied at The Hague Academy of International Law, in the Netherlands, and he is a member of the International Bar Association, based in London, England.


Ronaldo Barreto, Managing Director, WOM do Brasil

“I first met Leandro Luzone approximately 2.5 years ago when my division was looking for a local law firm to represent our organization in Brasil. Leandro was articulate, professional, and impressed upon me that he would have our organizations best interest in legal matters in a positive manner with good service. Leandro is very articulate and speaks extremely well. I have worked with him outside of our professional setting with the IADC in Macae where Leandro has served to promote our industry and further the organizations in Macae and Brazil. I have very much enjoyed working with him as he is a true professional.”

Fife Ellis, General Manager DQB

“I would like to wholeheartedly and strongly recommend Dr Luzone as a your first choice as legal representative. Over a period of 8 years we, as a company, and I, as an individual, have worked with Dr Luzone on various issues, Nationally and Internationally.
Dr Luzones’ knowledge, reliability, attention to detail, ability to communicate in a clear and concise fashion and overall his friendly and highly personable manner has made him a true “partner” during my time in Brasil.
He also possesses a large and varied group of business contacts within the Oil & Gas sector (to name but one industry) which he has built up and re-enforced over a period of years and therefore this acts as an desirable add-on benefit when dealing with him.
Due to industry downsizing I now no longer work in Brasil, however, should I return or should any of my business contact / colleagues be posted to Brasil in the future then I will be indicating Dr Luzone unreservedly to them as a trusted and respected lawyer.”

James Miller, Oil a& Gas Consultant.

“Leandro is an example of ethics, competence and diligence. He is a professional at the highest level of competence and knowledge, and even with all those high standards, still a humble professional, and person, that provide all the attention and support for his customers, with all the respect and professionalism required. An exemplar professional that I highly recommend! ”

Rodolfo Correa, Business Development Executive at RC CORREA Consulting

““If you need a lawyer that is not only intelligent, attentive, and hardworking but also a great advisor and friend. Reach out to Dr. Leandro he is the best in Macaé.”

Patrick Ribeiro, Country Manager at OES Asset Integrity Management

“Leandro Luzone has been acting for me for several years. He always conducts himself in a very professional manner in all matters, is extremely knowledgeable and is a credit the legal profession. His bilingual skills are excellent which makes communicating so much easier. I would highly recommend him for legal representation”

John Swingler, Owner, Blade Offshore Services Ltd

“Dr. Leandro, as an International lawyer and IADC Geral Secretary, has a strongly knowledge on Oil & Gas Industry. He is highly commited and extremally polite and proactive within perfect time, in Order to Solve all matter quickly and with excelent attention to his costumers and partners. I trust blindly in Dr. Leandro and always strongly recommend any time as need for partners and clients.”

Rosana Calicchio, Oil & Gas Consultant

“Having worked with Leandro in a number of roles over several years, I have found him to be credible, efficient and trustworthy – I would have no hesitation in recommending him for both personal and business legal services in Brazil.”

Jim Houlihan, Investor, engineer, operations leader supporting sustainable business development world-wide incl. Offshore Oil & Gas

“Leandro Luzone is an excellent and trustworthy professional who can provide sound advice on Brazilian law. He manages to explain the complex Brazilian legal system in clear concise terms that a regular businessman can understand. His multilingual skills make him an excellent choice for non Portuguese speakers.”

Tony Cox, Marine & Safety Consultant

“Leandro is an example of honesty, integrity and credibility. I have had the opportunity to work with him at IADC and his attention to detail, dedication and focus has helped us greatly in the activities of this group.”

Adriana Pais, Business Development Coordinator

Leandro, I want to take this time to recommend you for the excellent work you carried out for me during my time in Brazil.You have the up most professionalism and as a British person based in Brazil, your expertise in dealing with foreign nationals and the issues that comes within the process is second to none.”

Gordon Linden, Quality Assurance & control representative at TH Hill Associates, A Bureau Veritas Company.

“Dr Leandro has more recently been taken into my fold of reliable and trustworthy professionals; I have found him to be a responsive advisor in legal matters – more than a measure of good sense and understanding of the business of “doing business in Brazil” and a safe approach with advice on a variety of legal matters. I would strongly recommend Leandro – His English is great and he will certainly be off great assistance with the decisions you have to make. I am satisfied with what has been done by Dr Leandro and his law firm to date.”

Barrie Lloyd-Jones, President at SSE OFFSHORE AMERICA INC

“I have been using Leandro in different legal matters regarding my stays in Brazil. His performance are very good and he is detail-oriented regarding the situation he has been dealing with and produce great results for his clients. I can and will highly recommend Leandro and his company for any legal matters you or your company should need to solve.”

Arild Svendsen, Rig Manager


Leonardo Amarente

The Leonardo Amarante Advogados Associados office has accumulated 30 years of experience in actions related to Civil Responsibility, acting in defense and in the search for effective moral and material reparation, through the compensation of victims and relatives.

The decisive performance in cases such as Bateau Mouche, Palace II, Hemophiliacs contaminated in blood transfusions and more recently with 50 families of the largest air accident in Brazil occurred with the GOL airplane put the office among the country’s main in its area of ​​action.

In addition to its national activities in the different judicial bodies, the office is associated with the Global Justice Network , an international entity whose purpose is to promote the access of citizens of diverse nationalities to jurisdictions of foreign countries.

With the advent of globalization, more and more Brazilians travel abroad for business or tourism. They are people who use interstate highways, shop in shops and shopping malls, consume products in restaurants, hire services of all kinds, and have fun in parks, ski resorts, cruises, and various other leisure options. Unfortunately, accidents happen on such occasions, often frustrating people’s travel and expectations.

Aiming to meet the need of Brazilians who had their rights violated on international travel, our firm formed partnerships with renowned law firms in the United States, Canada and Europe, aiming at facilitating actions that are often left behind by the injured, either because there is no interest in discussing issues that have only brought displeasure, or because they believe it is very difficult or costly to hire a lawyer abroad.

Our office can help you exercise your rights before US and European courts, raising your doubts about the functioning of legal systems in America and Europe, and clarifying important issues regarding process time and costs. The orientation of our work has always been focused on meeting customer demands in an agile and economical way.

Roberta Bassegio

Roberta Bassegio is a partner in the Energy and Project Finance practices of Paul Hastings and is chair of the firm’s São Paulo office. She practices in the areas of project development and finance, focusing on infrastructure and natural resources. She has represented sponsors, investors, financial institutions, construction conglomerates, and suppliers in some of the most prominent infrastructure projects in Brazil. Her experience also encompasses project structuring, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory and corporate advice, as well as construction and equipment supply agreements. Ms. Bassegio has substantial experience in the power industry, including renewables, in both traditional and greenfield projects.

Among other projects, Ms. Bassegio has assisted high-profile clients in several acquisitions and energy auctions for wind, hydro and thermal power plants, as well as large power consumers within a variety of industries in their power purchase strategies and self-producing power projects. She represented different construction conglomerates in the investment structuring and negotiation of the construction contracts for the Teles Pires and the Belo Monte power plants. She also assisted clients in the logistics sector in the project development and construction of an ethanol pipeline designed to bring ethanol to major consumer centers and ports for export, and in the development of a major port complex in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Prior to joining Paul Hastings, Ms. Bassegio was a partner in the Infrastructure and Projects and Energy practices at another law firm in Brazil. She also worked with the banking and projects department at an international law firm in New York.

Firm Overview:

Paul Hastings LLP, formerly known as Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP, is an international law firm with 22 offices worldwide. Paul Hastings serves a diverse client base that includes many of the top financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

Alison Baxter

Leaders in Law endorses Alison Baxter as our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance Law expert in Brasil. If you wish to get in touch with Alison please use the contact information provided above.

Alison Baxter is a partner in our global banking and finance team based in São Paulo. She has worked in our London, Paris and Rio de Janeiro offices and her practice focuses on Latin America.

Alison has over 20 years’ experience of representing banks, export credit agencies and other financial institutions on the full range of cross-border financing structures, products and issues, as well as restructurings and work-outs, across numerous jurisdictions. In the energy and transport sectors, Alison has in recent years worked on many complex transactions and structures, including combined project, corporate and bond facilities, acquisition finance, challenging inter-creditor arrangements, portfolio projects and off-balance sheet products.

During the Global Financial Crisis, Alison was co-head of our New Finance Group, which supported our financial institution clients in exploring and developing alternative financing options and structures across all main asset classes.

Alison is fluent in English and proficient in French.

Firm Overview:

Norton Rose Fulbright is a global law firm. We provide the world’s preeminent corporations and financial institutions with a full business law service. We have more than 4,000 lawyers and other legal staff based in Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

Recognized for our industry focus, we are strong across all the key industry sectors: financial institutions; energy; infrastructure, mining and commodities; transport; technology and innovation; and life sciences and healthcare. Through our global risk advisory group, we leverage our industry experience with our knowledge of legal, regulatory, compliance and governance issues to provide our clients with practical solutions to the legal and regulatory risks facing their businesses.

Wherever we are, we operate in accordance with our global business principles of quality, unity and integrity. We aim to provide the highest possible standard of legal service in each of our offices and to maintain that level of quality at every point of contact.

Norton Rose Fulbright Verein, a Swiss verein, helps coordinate the activities of Norton Rose Fulbright members but does not itself provide legal services to clients. Norton Rose Fulbright has offices in more than 50 cities worldwide, including London, Houston, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Sydney and Johannesburg.

Maria Cristina Pantoja

Maria Cristina Pantoja has been working at Bichara e Motta Advogados since 2015 as a partner of the corporate and business department with her team. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she holds a law degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC/RJ) and has over 15 years of experience in business law, that encompasses corporate law, financial market, real estate, contracts in general and also inheritance planning.

She has worked for many years for two of the largest corporate law firms nationwide, in Rio de Janeiro and in Sao Paulo. Maria Cristina Pantoja has extensive experience in international negotiations, from the formation and structuring corporations in Brazil and abroad, national and international financing, and even the construction of ships, EPC contracts, international service contract, etc

The Business & Contract Law Practice:

Bichara e Motta Advogados provides legal advice in all aspects of business law, especially in the corporate, contract, commercial and compliance areas.

Experience, efficiency and objectivity together with a careful analysis of the risks involved contribute to the success of the services provided to our clients.

The firm offers the following services, among others, in the business field:

  • consulting, negotiating and closing of local or international contracts, including supply, distribution, commercial representation, provision of services, loans and guarantees, factoring and franchising, turn key contracts, among others;
  • advising on the purchase and sale of equity interests, assets and commercial establishments; incorporation and liquidation of corporations and limited liability companies;
  • monitoring corporate activities and routines, shareholder meetings, board of directors’ meetings, organization of corporate books, etc.;
  • planning and implementing corporate reorganizations, including negotiation of shareholders’ agreements, acquisitions, spin-offs, mergers, joint ventures, consortia, incorporation of shares, conversion of shares, transformation of corporate format, liquidation, divestments and other business deals and management duties;
  • estate and/or family planning;
  • real estate property contracts;
  • representing clients before state and federal regulatory agencies on contracts with the Public Administration, advising them on public bids and administrative and judicial processes related to issues of Administrative Law; and
  • compliance.
  • Our client portfolio is diverse and includes private equity funds and companies of large, medium and small sizes, as well as individuals (athletes, celebrities and others). Among our corporate clients, we highlight those who work in the areas of navigation and in the oil and gas sector, salt producers and food distributors.
Bichara e Motta Advogados:

Bichara e Motta Advogados was the first firm in Latin America to create a team dedicated exclusively to Sports and Entertainment Law and is still known as a highly specialized firm focused on its clients’ satisfaction.

Acting in these innovative areas of law, also with an emphasis in the audiovisual, fashion, luxury, music, and arts markets, the firm has extensive experience in various legal areas that interact with these practices such as corporate, business, labour, contracts and civil law including commercial litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Irrespective of its complexity, Bichara e Motta Advogados is equipped with a team of specialists prepared to apply its multidisciplinary practice and up-to-date expertise in these areas to fully satisfy its clients’ needs with flexibility and the necessary approach to provide tailor-made and innovative services.