Ryan John Wrobel

Our Managing Partner Ryan John Wrobel was born in Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. Spending his formative years in Western New York, Mr. Wrobel often travelled over the international border to nearby Ontario, Canada and took an early interest in International travel, culture and affairs.

After completing high school, he began the pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Pre-Law at the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY-Buffalo). During his time in University, Mr. Wrobel was nominated for the 1999 Robert H. Stern Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Paper in Political Science relating to a research paper he wrote entitled “Human Rights Conditions in Jamaica.”

Upon graduation from University, Mr. Wrobel immediately entered the Law School at SUNY-Buffalo where he concentrated on international law. He enriched his law school experience by taking part in two international study abroad programs during the summers, first in Barbados with the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies, and later at University College London in the United Kingdom.

While at the University of the West Indies-Cave Hill in Barbados, our Managing Partner was introduced to foreign investment and international financial services law in the Commonwealth Caribbean. The introduction to West Indian culture proved to have a lasting effect on Mr. Wrobel and from that point forward he became interested in the opportunity to someday live and practice in the region.

Rather than immediately entering the practice of law upon graduation from law school, Mr. Wrobel instead decided to continue his legal education at an institution that he had been introduced to earlier, University College London. The pursuit of a Masters of Laws at UCL was an enriching experience for him. He not only was able to gain knowledge of the law from an English perspective at a distinguished institution with graduates such as Mahatma Gandhi, but he was also able to interact with colleagues from around the world. Spending over a year in educationally and culturally enhancing environment of cosmopolitan London, Mr. Wrobel was also availed the opportunity visit numerous countries in Continental Europe. The time in London solidified Mr. Wrobel’s resolve to pursue a career outside of his birth nation and persevere to follow the path to achieve his global goals and interests. During his time at University College London, he was a recipient of the UCL Faculty’s Bentham Award for exceptionally well qualified overseas graduates, and also had an article on the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute published in the American Bar Association’s International Law News journal.

After returning to the United States with a Master’s Degree in Law from UCL, Mr. Wrobel sat for and passed the New York State Bar Exam and was called to the New York State Bar in 2004. He started his career as a sole practitioner in Buffalo, New York. In order to serve his clients, Mr. Wrobel was called to the United States District Court and the United States Bankruptcy Court, both for the Western District of New York State. Although the practice of law in New York proved to be a good experience, it did not satisfy Mr. Wrobel’s desire to work within the realm of international law, thus in 2005 he made the decision to migrate to Belize. Belize is a country that he had visited numerous times since 1999 and had a great interest and involvement in since 1996.

Upon moving to Belize, our Managing Partner enrolled in the Belize Tourism Board’s Tour Guide Training Course in order to learn more about his new home. Mr. Wrobel also began consulting for the Big Four professional services firm of Deloitte & Touche Belize in Belize City, where he began to manage Deloitte’s Corporate & Legal Department. Over the years Mr. Wrobel has gained a wealth of experience relating to the legal system in Belize, with a special focus on real estate transactions and company law. He has travelled throughout the nation and has developed a strong bond with its culture, people and way of life. Mr. Wrobel sits on the Board of Trustees of the Scouts Endowment Fund, a trust fund which raises money to support the Scout Association of Belize and was elected as the Treasurer of the American Chamber of Commerce of Belize (AMCHAM-Belize). He is also a member of the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize (AREBB), Belize International Financial Services Association (BISFA), and the Belize Museum of History. Mr. Wrobel is also a Welfare Committee Member of the Royal British Legion – Belize Branch. Recently Mr. Wrobel was also elected as Director and Committee Member of the Belize Rifle Club. He was appointed as a Notary Public in New York State in 2004, as well as being appointed by the Attorney General of Belize as a Justice of the Peace in 2008.

In order to further his dream to practice law and further his career in Belize, Mr. Wrobel entered Norman Manley Law School’s Six Month Programme in Kingston, Jamaica. The time spent at Norman Manley Law School was extremely beneficial to him, as he was not only able to learn more about the practise of law in the Commonwealth Caribbean, but also able to establish solid contacts with legal practitioners from across the region. Ryan J. Wrobel was called to the Belize Bar in September 2009 and opened the law firm of Wrobel & Co., as well as the corporate service firm of British Honduras Professionals Ltd. shortly thereafter. He was subsequently called to the Jamaican Bar in 2010 and admitted to the United States District Courts for both the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York in 2011.

Wrobel & Co., Attorneys-at-Law has quickly gained the trust and appreciation of numerous clients under the direction of Mr. Wrobel. The firm continues to provide services to an international client base from the main office in Belize City, as well as from affiliate offices in New York City and Kingston, Jamaica.

Firm Overview:

Wrobel & Co., Attorneys-at-Law, began more than a decade ago as a boutique law firm focusing on real estate and business law in Belize.

During the past 12 years, as we’ve responded to additional clients’ needs, our competent, established team has branched out into other legal services, which include international financial services, retirement services, and intellectual property law, among others. Please visit our Legal Services page to explore everything we offer.

As we’ve grown from a small customer-focused firm to a larger customer-focused firm with an international reach, our focus has never wavered. We’ve always aimed to make Belize home for our clients and their investments.

Our office in Belize City (and now in San Pedro) is part of the Belizean community. We are at home here, and we want to make you feel at home as well.

Wrobel & Co, Attorneys-at-Law, has quickly gained the trust and appreciation of numerous clients under the direction of Mr. Wrobel.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We’d love to learn more about you. Contact us today.


Julio A. Quijano B.

Born: Panama, Republic of Panama, November 9th, 1963.

Admitted: 1994, Panama.


Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, 1982.

Colgate University, Bachelor Of Arts, 1986.

Tulane University, Juris Doctor, 1989.


Panama Bar Association

Panama Maritime Law Association (APADEMAR)

Professional Networks

Society of Primerus Law Firms

International Lawyers Network (ILN)

Geneva Group International (GGI)

Languages: English | Spanish

Main Practice Areas: Corporate Law and Immigration Matters, Admiralty & Maritime Law.

Firm Description

Since 1959, Quijano & Associates has provided services to an ever growing clientele, covering the creation of companies, corporations and trusts, as well as fiduciary services, the registration and representation of vessels under the Panamanian flag, and a wide range of advisory services for the establishment and maintenance of legal entities formed under a diversity of jurisdictions, including the Republic of Panama, the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles and Belize. The firm has positioned itself as one of Panama’s most respected law firms by banks and international financial institutions, shipping lines, foreign investors and multinational companies, through its main offices in Panama, Switzerland, and subsidiaries in the British Virgin Islands, Belize and Seychelles. In addition, it has also expanded its field of activities through its own trust company: Quijano Trust Corporation. Multinational companies deciding to locate regional operations in Panama, international investment companies wishing to benefit from territorial taxation or establishing operations in the Panamanian market, and well-known shipping lines, have found in Quijano & Associates a top ranking efficiency, trustworthiness, personalised attention, promptness and confidentiality firm with more than 60 years of experience. One of the pillars of the firm is the integrity of its lawyers and staff. This principle is observed within the context of competence and a first class legal formation, allowing it to professionally and efficiently act, fulfilling the needs of its clientele. The firm ‘transforms challenges into opportunities.’

Main Areas of Practice:

Formation and Management of Companies and Foundations:

From its foundation, Quijano & Associates has been a leader in this field, being the first Panamanian law firm to open its own offices abroad. Through the firm’s present international network of offices and correspondent law firms, along with strategic regional alliances to which Quijano & Associates are parties, the firm performs the organisation, structuring, management and operations of offshore companies, private interest foundations and other investment vehicles in different jurisdictions all over the globe, especially, but without being limited to, Panama, the British Virgin Islands, the State of Delaware, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Trust Services & Estate Planning:

Quijano & Associates’ strength in the practice of offshore law covers all of its areas. Through ist affiliate Quijano Trust Corporation, the firm owns a trust license in Panamá, issued by the Superintendence of Banks by means of Resolution No. 002-2006 of 9th March, 2006. The firm provides custody and depository agency services. In addition, it works closely with its clients with the purpose of creating the most convenient structures for the protection of assets and Patrimony management, as well as creating guarantee mechanisms for commercial transactions, all with the purpose of providing fiscal efficiency and satisfying their individual requirements.

Commercial & Corporate:

Being pioneers for many decades in law practice, Quijano & Associates has achieved a unique understanding of the business field in Panama and Latin America, and the commercial relationship between the Americas and other countries and markets. Therefore, the firm is in a first class position to advise clients on all types of businesses and investment matters related to Panama. Quijano & Associates has advised high profile clients of the private sector, including multinational companies and multilateral organisations.

Banking and Securities:

Frequently, the firm is involved in public offers of shares, issuance of bonds, corporate restructuring, financing of projects and acquisition of companies, structuring of loans and guarantees. It is also requested to offer advice on banking and trust regulations, and on the process for obtaining banking or investment advisers licenses, amongst others.

Maritime and Admiralty:

Quijano & Associates acts on behalf of an important percentage of the Panamanian Merchant Marine Fleet, the largest worldwide, both in tonnage and number of registered vessels. The firm’s clientele includes ship owners, vessel operators, charterers, shipping agents, financial institutions, insurance companies, and underwriters and brokers. Quijano & Associates covers all branches of maritime affairs. It manages disputes related to the maritime sector in Panama and possesses a broad knowledge of the regulations and procedures of the maritime courts in Panama.

Intellectual Property:

Quijano & Associates is widely recognised for its advisory and incisive assistance in this area related to the different ways in which clients may register and protect their intellectual property rights and capitalise on said rights through their sale and licensing in Panama and abroad. The firm also offers full advisory related to the granting of franchises and copyright protection.


Quijano & Associates frequently receive requests from individuals or companies requiring assistance in regards to regulations on Panamanian immigration laws pertaining to employment and relocation of executives and retired foreigners. The firm also offers advisory services to multinational companies interested in establishing their operation seat in Panama. Likewise, it processes residence permits, tourist and investment visas, and naturalisation certificates. Its broad experience allows the firm to offer the most appropriate response for any immigration matter that may arise.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution:

Quijano & Associates submits all types of civil and commercial suits in Panama, and in regards to foreign jurisdictions, the firm works in collaboration with its correspondents’ attorneys. Also, it always make the effort to use other methods for resolving civil and commercial suits, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration with the objective of resolving the problems as soon as possible and with efficiency in regards to the expenses for the firm’s clients. Quijano & Associates’ team has qualified arbitrators, both at the local level by the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of Panama, and at the international level by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution of Florida.


The firm’s expertise in entertainment law adds an additional dimension in its practice. It represents an important number of clients of this industry. Quijano & Associates service is broad and includes from the representation and negotiation of contracts, up to advice on the financial aspects of the business.

Real Estate:

Quijano & Associates offers legal assistance for the purchase, sale and lease of residential and commercial real estate. The firm offers guidance throughout the negotiation of the agreement terms to be subscribed, management of the transaction and administration documents, investigation of encumbrances that may exist on any property, processing of financing by the bank, up to the conclusion of the transaction. It may also aid property owners in regards to procedures of zoning and rezoning, evaluation of real estate taxes, management of eviction procedures and resolution of disputes between owners and tenants.

Tax Consultants:

Through the firm’s subsidiary, Sterling Tax Consultants, Quijano & Associates are in the capacity of aiding its clients professionally in accounting, financial and fiscal procedures in a timely and efficient manner, offering the taking of administrative decision at a lessor cost and promoting the development of their businesses and the optimisation of their services.

Public Tenders & Administrative Law:

Quijano & Associates has a department exclusively dedicated to advising its clients on the drafting of offers that are required to be submitted at public biddings or private purchases; be these for purchases, for works and services with the purpose of complying with the pertaining rules, requirements and guidelines that must be included in said offers. The firm also advises state or private institutions that require legal support related to said contracting.

Relocation Services: By means of its relocation services, Quijano & Associates facilitates the relocation procedures of expatriates. The firm take charge as from his/her arrival at Tocumen Airport, aiding with a rapid entry to the country, transportation from the airport to the firm’s offices and after to the offices of the National Immigration Service, always in the company of a qualified member of its staff. This VIP package includes hotel reservations at a corporate rate, administrative services during his/her stay (fax, telephone, internet, copies), immigration procedures, opening of a bank account and organisation of a company, if this should be the case. The relocation services will save the firm’s clients time and money. This VIP package was created by Quijano & Associates to expedite the transition and aid in reducing the stress and complexity of an international relocation.

Virtual Offices: Quijano & Associates offers its clients the feature of establishing virtual offices with a seat in Panama, without consideration to their location on the globe. With a virtual office at Quijano & Associates, you will always have a fiscal domicile for projecting professionalism and confidence to your clients, providers and potential partners.


Emil Arguelles

Leaders in Law endorses Emil Arguelles as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in Belize. If you wish to get in touch with Emil please use the contact information provided above.

Emil Arguelles, LLB, CLE, TEP

Managing Partner

·         Speaker of the House of Representatives of Belize

·         Honorary Consul of Poland in Belize

·         Member, Belize Trade Licensing Board

·         Executive Member, Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry

·         Member, Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize

·         Former Crown Counsel, Office of Director of Public Prosecutions

·         Former Executive Member, Bar Association

·         Former Belize Chess Champion

·         Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.

·         University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

·         Norman Manley School of Law, Kingston, Jamaica

Arguelles & Company LLC – Belize Attorneys

They have developed high calibre and specialized staff and expertise in all aspects of structuring quality legal solutions for straightforward as well as complicated matters resulting in increased savings for the client coupled with savings in time. The firm places special professional emphasis on the importance of confidentiality between Attorney-Client relationships as well as within the structures themselves and absolutely in regard to third parties and other entities.

The firm specializes in select areas of Belize law and thus has the support staff and contacts to expedite and facilitate client transactions. As the working relationship is long term and mutual, the firm prides itself on securing a few good clients rather than to seek out bulk work requests which result in the loss of personal contact and efficiency. Please contact us for a rate quote depending on the type of work and complexity required as we are bound by certain Belize Bar fee schedule considerations depending on the matter and experience of the Belize Attorney involved.


Misael Flores

Mr. Misael Flores is the managing director and principal shareholder of AME Consulting, a consulting firm in Belize established since 1997 and principally engaged in consulting; international financial services; real estate; and hospitality services.

Prior to establishing his own consulting business, Misael was a shareholder of KPMG Corporate Services (Belize) Ltd., the international financial services division of the then KPMG Peat Marwick, in Belize.  He was the managing director and responsible for setting up the division.

Misael was a member of the financial team of BHI Corporation from 1994-1996.  During that time BHI operated and invested in selected growth industries in Central America and the Caribbean Region.  Its core business activities were banking and financial services, and construction and property development.  Part of his responsibilities at BHI was the management of the Belize IBC Registry operated by an affiliated company of BHI under a concession agreement with the Belize Government.

He has also held other positions in Belize at various levels including as Financial Controller at Ramada Royal Reef Resort & Marina and doing audit work with Deloitte & Touche, Price Waterhouse and Pannell Kerr Forster.

Currently Misael is the President and a founding member of the Belize National Association of REALTORS®, Treasurer of the Belize Offshore Practitioners Association, and Past President of the Belize Business Bureau.

He is a Justice of the Peace for the country of Belize since 2001 and is a former member of the Rotary Club of Belize.