Suhan Khan FCIArb

Leaders in Law endorses Suhan Khan as our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Bangladesh. If you wish to get in touch with Suhan please use the contact information provided above.

Suhan Khan was called to the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister-at-law and is currently practicing as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Suhan’s key areas of specialization includes admiralty & commercial litigations, merger & acquisitions, corporate transactions, arbitration and foreign investment facilitation.

Suhan acts as the legal counsel for the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh, multiple U.S. based corporations, several MNCs & INGOs, leading oil and gas corporations in Singapore, UAE and Bangladesh, major insurance underwriters in Malaysia and Hong Kong as well as the largest group of companies of Bangladesh. Suhan is also the counsel of choice of top tier international law firms based in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and India and is frequently instructed for matters involving the jurisdiction of Bangladesh.

Suhan regularly represents his clients before the arbitration bench, admiralty & company bench of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, High Court Division. He has successfully represented owners of vessels, cargo owners, insurers and P&I Clubs in litigations before the admiralty court of Bangladesh and also secured arrests and speedy release of vessels from detention. He is representing a French corporation in an international arbitration before ICC, Singapore and also acted as legal counsel for global oil enterprises for enforcing awards in multitude of icommercial arbitrations before the ICC, FOSFA, ICA, SIAC etc.

Beyond the boundaries of courthouse, Suhan advises his client’s on regulatory affairs, internal legal & compliance issues, domestic and cross-border contract negotiation as well as mergers, corporate restructuring and transactional affairs. Suhan has helped foreign investors set up businesses in Bangladesh. Suhan is now acting as the lead counsel for the first and only private sector oil refinery project in Bangladesh since 1961 involving US$ 1.2 Billion. Suhan’s tactical and strategic acumen coupled with his excellent communication skills also enable him to seal the deal for his clients by leading from the front during negotiations and dispute resolutions. He is also one of the very few lawyers in Bangladesh with extensive experience & expertise on cross-border EPC/ turnkey contracts for projects, particularly in the energy sector and industrial supply contracts with deep rooted practical experience of working within the relevant FIDIC and ICC legal framework.

Suhan has mostly practiced in the country’s upper judiciary and represents his clients frequently before the arbitration bench, admiralty bench, company court and constitutional courts of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, High Court Division. His well-proved advocacy skilled was envisioned at an early age when he earned the honor of becoming the 3rd Best Student Advocate from amongst 156 Student Advocates from across the world in an international platform.

The following are further examples of some of his noteworthy exposures:

  • Acted as the lead counsel for the first and only private sector mega oil refinery project in Bangladesh involving USD 1.2 Billion. The project involves the largest syndicated loan arrangement in the banking sector of Bangladesh.
  • Acting lead counsel for cross-border technology procurement and licensing documentations for the production of LPG, diesel, petrol, furnace oil and aviation fuel.
  • Acted as the lead counsel for publicly traded company and leading industrial corporations on high value cross-border contracts for cement plant, sugar refinery and steel mill projects.
  • Advised and assisted leading middle-eastern airlines on a wide range of regulatory issues, including extension of Branch Office permission, exemption from restrictions on repatriation, change in Board, income tax exemptions etc., and also to correspond with public authorities of Bangladesh on its behalf. Also represented the airlines in multiple litigations pertaining to foreign exchange regulations, remittance and repatriation of revenues, flight operations and disputes arising in connection with its Dhaka Branch Office.
  • Acted as legal counsel for global oil enterprises, agricultural goods merchants and leading commodities and raw cotton suppliers in numerous litigations against Bangladeshi buyers for the successful enforcement of multitude of foreign arbitral awards resulting from international commercial arbitrations before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association (FOSFA), International Cotton Association (ICA), Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) etc. Also secured interim protective measures from Bangladeshi courts to ensure fruitful execution of such foreign arbitral awards in Bangladesh.
  • Advised Joint Venture consortiums on high value Private Public Partnership (PPP) Projects and represented JV entities before Governmental authorities, partook in contract negotiations and the drafting & finalization of project agreements. PPPs involved with include construction contract, power generation & distribution and renewable energy sector.
  • Acted for European locomotives supplier in the course of tendering and public procurement in Bangladesh on aspects concerning bid preparation, drafting of the contract and negotiation process. Advised on wide range of issues including liability for direct & consequential losses, liquidated damages and limitation of liability issues, tax issues for the corporation and its members of staffs in Bangladesh, interpretation of tender documents, ToR, concession agreement etc.
  • Successfully represented foreign vessels, owners of vessels, cargo owners, insurers and P&I Clubs in litigations before the Admiralty court of Bangladesh in conjunction with claims for freight, demurrage and damages for collision at sea and port. Also secured arrests and release of vessels from detention.
  • Involved and assisted in the arbitration proceedings pertaining to the PPP for the construction of the Gulistan-Jatrabari flyover and consequent dispute between the concessionaire and Dhaka City Corporation. The project involved an estimated project cost of BDT 670 crore, equivalent to US$ 83.75 million dollar, and was the first instance of private sector participation in infrastructure development in Bangladesh.
  • Acted as legal counsel for power generation companies, global retailers, domestic conglomerates, the central regulatory bank of Bangladesh etc. in numerous litigations before the High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on a regular basis.

Firm Description:

ACCORD CHAMBERS is a dynamic and reformist law firm based in Bangladesh that offers full service “complete legal solutions” to its domestic and international clients. The firm’s core ethos is to not confine itself within the tenets of conventional law firms in the region but to take a step beyond: advance a one-stop complete package for its clients so as to address all concerns in the corporate and commercial context. In the premises, the firm advises not only on mainstream legal affairs, including litigation and dispute resolution, but also on investments, transactions, business strategies and operations from the perspective of Bangladeshi laws and regulations.

The firm recognizes the sub-continental challenges in general and the economic realities of Bangladesh in particular that are often faced by foreign investors as well as local companies on a regular basis. Taking such challenges and on-ground realities into imperative consideration, ACCORD CHAMBERS takes the most pragmatic approach and engages with its intuitive regional knowledge and deep market understanding so as to achieve the desired commercial outcomes for its clients while keeping their legal interests protected at all material times.

ACCORD CHAMBERS takes pride to have played the principal role in one of the largest private sector investment in the history of Bangladesh worth 1.25 Billion Dollars/ Taka 10,000 Crore. It has prepared complete legal documentation and advanced one-stop advisory services on legal and regulatory compliance that renders the firm as a pioneer of cross-border transactions in general and the energy and EPC turnkey projects in particular. The firm also acts as the legal counsel for the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh, multiple U.S. based corporations, leading oil and gas corporations in Singapore and Bangladesh, major insurance underwriter in Malaysia as well as the largest group of companies of Bangladesh. It also works in close collaboration with top tier international law firms headquartered in London and India.

The success of the firm revolves around its client satisfaction. Our members care about the clients’ concerns, understand their urgency, respond to their requests and are sensitive about their security. Each one of us is uncompromising & inflexible when it comes to the utmost interest of our clients. In doing so, our members are programmed to ensure that ethical values and client confidentiality remain uncompromised.


Md. Waliuzzaman FCA

Leaders in Law endorses Md. Waliuzzaman FCA as our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in Bangladesh. If you wish to get in touch with Waliuzzaman please use the contact information provided above.

Managing Partner 

Academic Qualification

  • Obtained Bachelor of Commerce degree (B.Com.) from Rajshahi University in 1974 held in 1975.

Professional Qualification

February 1976 to August 1980:

  • Served as articled student under article-ship of Late Mr. Abul Qasem, FCA, senior partner of M/s. A. Qasem & Co., Chartered Accountants, Dhaka.
  • Passed the final examination of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh, in June 1979 (1 year ahead of completion of article-ship)
  • Became a fellow member (FCA) of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh from June 1986.


Since January 1991

  • Started public practice as Chartered Accountant as Principal Md. Waliuzzaman & Co., Chartered Accountants, then partner Khan Zaman & Co., Chartered Accountants and finally partner Toha Khan Zaman & Co., Chartered Accountants and now the Managing Partner of the firm.

August 1989 to December 1990:

  • Served as Deputy General Manager, Accounts and Finance, (Head of Accounts and Finance Department), Hafiz Jute Mills Limited, Chittagong, an enterprise of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation.

December 1986 to August 1989:

  • Served as Deputy General Manager, Accounts and Finance, (Head of Accounts and Finance Department), Peoples Jute Mills Limited, Town Khalishpur, Khulna an enterprise of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation

February 1986 to December 1986:

  • Served as Deputy General Manager, Head Office Accounts, Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation, Dhaka.

August 1981 to February 1986:

  • Served as Senior Deputy Chief Accountant and subsequently Deputy General Manager, (Head of Accounts and Finance Department), The Crescent Jute Mills Limited, Town Khalishpur, Khulna an enterprise of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation.

February 1981 to August 1981:

  •  Served as Deputy Chief Accountant (Head of Accounts and Finance Department) of TSP Complex Limited an enterprise of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation.

August 1980 to February 1981:

  •  Served with M/s. A. Qasem & Co., Chartered Accountants as Qualified Assistant.

Professional Experiences

  • Conducted Performance Audit of Dhaka Urban Transport Project (DUTP) in association with A. Qasem & Co., Chartered Accountants (Lead Firm) for the period through 1999 through 2003.
  • While in profession after being a Chartered Accountant and during the period of article-ship the following special type of works were performed:
  • Consultancy services to the Directorate of Agriculture, Jute Production, under Ministry of Agriculture for the project “Intensive Jute Cultivation Scheme a World Bank financed project” where accounting and reporting systems were designed, implemented and training program conducted to make the officers and staff of 500 unit offices, 20 zonal offices and head office familiar with the system so designed.
  • Worked on “Financial Accounting Package (FINPACK)” of Bata Shoe Company Limited to feed the financial and operational data in prescribed formats for consolidation at Bata Head Office, Canada.
  • In addition to normal audit accounting system designed and implemented.
  • While in article-ship worked at Janata Bank Head Office to carry out the statutory audit.

Specialized Experiences

Joined profession as Public Accountant in January 1991 and acquired experiences as under:

  • Designed, formulated and implemented internal system for auditing of all types of industrial undertakings, NGOs, Educational Institutions etc.
  • Audited the annual accounts of different undertakings, directly supervised, reviewed and finalized reports
  • Valuation of assets and liabilities of the industrial undertakings.
  • Supervised and finalized accounting work of various organizations
  • Personally supervised the physical as well as financial audit of EC Financed Compex Funded Project “Improved Retting Practices for Augmenting Quality of Jute in Bangladesh” Under Ministry Of Jute.
  • Personally supervised the Consultancy services rendered to DHAKA WASA for reconciliation of Advances and Bank Accounts.
  • Rendered Secretarial Services including preparation of Memorandum and Articles of Associations, Prospectus, Annual Reports, Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors and Annual General Meetings etc.
  • Audit of educational institutions viz. Schools, Colleges, Madrashas, Registered Primary Schools etc. under appointment of Ministry of Education, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

Firm Description:

Toha Khan Zaman & Co., Chartered Accountants was established in the year 1992 through merger of “Khan Zaman & Co. Chartered Accountants” and “Mohammed Toha & Co. Chartered Accountants” and commenced its operation as Audit and Accounting Profession with effect from 01 November 1992 with the permission accorded by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) vide letter under reference No. 4/52/ICAB-72 dated 06 March 1993. The initial partners of the firm were Mr. Mohammed Toha FCA, Mr. Serajuddin Khan ACA and Mr. Md. Waliuzzaman FCA.


Sakib Sikder

Leaders in Law endorses Sakib Sikder as our exclusively recommended Litigation Law expert in Bangladesh. If you wish to get in touch with Sakib please use the contact information provided above.

Barrister of the Lincoln’s Inn

Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh
LL.M (City University of London)
Pg.DL ( City University of London)
LL.B (Hons) (University of London)

Mr. Sakib Sikder is a seasoned commercial & corporate counsel having over 13 years of legal experiences. He developed his core expertise on Commercial, Indirect Taxation and Company Law. Later on his carrier.

Mr. Sakib developed expertise on telecommunication laws, intellectual property laws, indirect tax litigations. merger & acquisitions and regulatory licensing. Mr. Sakib is currently working for foreign and local investors on number of Greenfield projects.

Mr. Sakib has vast expertise in conducting litigations before the High Court Division, Customs and VAT Appellate Tribunal & Labour Tribunals in Bangladesh. He also participates in hearing before Magistrate Courts and District Courts in Bangladesh.

Mr. Sakib is a Member of the Lincoln’s Inn & an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. Mr. Sakib completed his LL.M in International Business Law from City University of London & LL.B (Hons) from University of London. He has also undertaken number of professional courses including PGDL in Professional Studies from City University of London: Rethinking International Taxation from Leiden University, Sweden and Finance from Non Finance Professional from University of California. Irvine. Mr. Sakib is an Associate of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. UK.

Firm Description:

Jural Acuity is a full-service law firm in Dhaka with a specialization in Corporate, Commercial, and Investment related legal practices. The main area of Practice of the Firm in Corporate Law, Commercial Documentations, Foreign Direct Investment, Labour Laws, Commercial Litigation, Energy Disputes, Taxation, Construction Adjudication & General Litigation. This Law Firm consists of experienced lawyers and consultants, providing one-stop solutions to the clients. The Firm also works with a number of Chartered Accountant Firms and Tax Advisors to provide one-stop solutions to the Client. The ability to appreciate the clients’ needs and deliver services that meet and, where possible, exceed their expectations is vital for the continued strength of the Firm’s business and growth. Jural Acuity is a member firm of IR Global in Bangladesh and is also the Member Firm (Bangladesh) for the Privacy Group. Jural Acuity also collaborates with tax practitioners and Chartered Accountants to provide additional services including corporate tax advisory services, company registration, business licensing services, HR dispute resolution, claim settlements, etc.

Foreign Direct Investment

Lawyers at Jural Acuity are experienced with Foreign Direct Investments as they regularly advices Clients on legal structuring, Tax Structuring & avoidance of double taxation, company & branch office registration, Joint Venture Agreements, local partner & company due diligence, forensic investigations, bank account support, FDI Reporting, Shareholders’ Loan, Profit Repatriation, Brach Office Closure, FDI reporting, Winding Up, TSA/ MSA/Franchisee/Royalty etc.

Business Licenses

Jural Acuity’s team has been recommended to provide support in relation to securing various business licenses for the Clients including Company Registration, ETIN, VAT Registration, Trade License, BIDA Registration, Work Permits, Foreign Loan Approvals, IRC & ERC, VAT Registration, Trademark & Patent Registration, Explosive License, Society Registration, Factory Registration, Planning Permits, Fire License, Boiler Registration, BSTI Registration,  Environmental Clearance GSP, BOND Licenses etc.

Local Firm with a Global Reach

Jural Acuity is part of IR Global, which has footprint in 108+ Jurisdictions and hence Clients can use our service for multi-jurisdictional disputes, foreign litigations & foreign jurisdiction advisory services. In addition, the foreign clients can also engage us through a member firm in their respective jurisdiction for better accountability and direct access.

One Stop Solutions

Jural Acuity though its partner firms provides variety of services including tax and vat accounting, annual tax return submission, RJSC related submissions, payroll management, virtual office support, employee sourcing, bank account opening & management, secretarial support, property acquisitions, travel assistance, translation services, notarization support, immigration, work permit & visa support etc.>
Commercial & Corporate matters

Counsels of Jural Acuity are experienced in variety of commercial matters including contract negotiation and drafting, infrastructure project documentations, tender document vetting, property documentation,  international trade advisory services, finance and baking documentations, loan restructuring, corporate financing, admiralty matters, corporate taxation, shareholders disputes, share purchase and subscription, mergers, telecom law, media law, IP law, data protection and privacy law etc.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Jural Acuity is a recommended litigation firm in Bangladesh by Global Law Expert. Jural Acuity has specialization dealing with NI Act, property disputes, family disputes, contractual disputes, licensing disputes, tax disputes, vat disputes, criminal defense services, company matters, appeals & revisions etc. Jural Acuity’s Partner is also experienced in ADR including family mediation, tax ADR, construction arbitrations and commercial arbitrations.

One of the best law firms in Bangladesh expertise in commercial and corporate law matters

Dr. Sharif Bhuiyan

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Sharif Bhuiyan as our exclusively recommended Arbitration Law expert in Bangladesh. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Bhuiyan please use the contact information provided above.

Sharif Bhuiyan, LLM, PhD, University of Cambridge, is an Advocate enrolled in both the High Court and the Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. He is a Founder Partner and Deputy Head of the law firm, Dr Kamal Hossain & Associates and leads the firm’s international and commercial practice, including arbitration.

He was Honorary Director of the South Asian Institute of Advanced Legal and Human Rights Studies (2007-14), Co-Rapporteur of the Committee on International Trade Law, International Law Association (2009-14) and Visiting Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge (2006).

He is the author of National Law in WTO Law: Effectiveness and Good Governance in the World Trading System (Cambridge/New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007, paperback, 2011), co-editor (with Philippe Sands and Nico Schrijver) of International Law and Developing Countries (Leiden/Boston: Brill Nijhoff, 2014; South Asian edition, 2017) and author of many articles in internationally published books and journals.

Bhuiyan practises in a wide range of areas, including, arbitration, admiralty, aviation, banking, competition, corporate and commercial, employment, energy, insurance, intellectual property, securities, taxation, technology and telecommunication.

He acted as lead counsel in several international commercial arbitrations involving substantial claims and parties and arbitrators of multiple nationalities and as lead Bangladesh counsel in many cross-border projects and transactions, including multibillion dollar transactions, in the energy, infrastructure, telecommunication and various other sectors. He acted as counsel in leading cases on arbitration before the Bangladesh Supreme Court.

Bhuiyan is consistently ranked as a top tier legal practitioner by international practitioners’ directories, Chambers Global and Chambers Asia Pacific.

Bhuiyan also acts as a consultant in various matters, including as a consultant for the World Bank.

Firm Description

Dr. Kamal Hossain and Associates, established in 1980, is one of the largest law firms in Bangladesh. It provides a comprehensive range of legal services for both national and international clients. The firm’s strength lies not only in the breadth of individual expertise available, but also in forty years of institutional experience of advice and litigation in key practice areas.

Firm’s main practice areas include admiralty and shipping, arbitration, aviation, banking and financial regulation, commercial and corporate law, constitutional and administrative law, employment law, energy, human rights law, intellectual property, revenue law, taxation and telecommunications. It has special expertise in arbitration, constitutional and administrative law, infrastructure, oil, gas and power sector projects and in telecommunications.

The firm actively encourages and supports its members in providing pro-bono advice and representation in public interest and human rights cases.


S M Zillur Rahman

Rahman IP Solutions is an Intellectual Property (IP) law firm in Bangladesh committed to provide all of its clients, associates the best service in a cost effective manner. It has been providing Intellectual Property related legal services in Bangladesh and abroad for its valued clients and associates with all its expertise and competence.

Now-a-days Intellectual property is a great concern throughout the world and being a part of the globalised society Bangladesh is also emphasizing to develop the awareness and trying with the best effort to cope with the global trend. The consciousness for the protection of Intellectual Property (IP) and its importance are gradually developing in the business community and IP is being considered more significantly day by day. The regularity authority of the IP in Bangladesh (Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks and Copyright office) has been playing a precious role in protecting the well known trademarks in Bangladesh. They have taken a bunch of initiatives to improve the existing system of filing application, registration, maintenance, keeping records, automation etc. The IP issue has got further significance in Bangladesh with the provision of the latest Import Policy Order (2012-15) that for all the branded importing goods the IP registration certificates of the concerned countries have to be submitted to the Customs Authority for clearance.

In the emergence of such a situation Rahman IP Solutions is promised to take the privilege to provide the benefits to the inventors, clients, associates by helping them in the process of taking protection of their Intellectual Property rights in Bangladesh and abroad as well. Because “We believe IP really matters.”

It is our motivation to follow the business ethics and provide the sincere and best services to the valued clients and associates. We believe and it is our confidence that we can meet our commitment for the utmost satisfaction of our esteemed clients and associates. We strongly believe that service comes first and the reward is the logical consequence.

Delwar Hossain

Leaders in Law endorses Delwar Hossain as our exclusively recommended IP Law expert in Bangladesh. If you wish to get in touch with Delwar please use the contact information provided above.

Advocates IP Law Alliance is an exclusive intellectual property law firm, located in the centre of the capital city of Dhaka. It is a leading firm dedicated to providing legal services on all IP matters, and represents the world’s most renowned brands and business houses.

The firm is a member of various international prestigious associations, such as APAA, AIPPI, ECTA, FICPI, IPO, INTA, LESI and MARQUES. It is also a member firm of Kenton & Miles Business and Financial Advisors (Italy), and leading associate of Brandstock AG, among others.
Advocates IP Law Alliance’s services for the protection of intellectual property rights include: legal action for infringement of trademark; passing off; trademark violation; unlawful importation; trademark, patent and design filing; renewal; search; prosecution; and all administrative work.
Delwar Hossain, Advocates IP Law Alliance managing partner, commented: “The system is developing in our country. The companies have also started growing and recently they are taking care of their intellectual property rights. But I would say that the companies are still not aware that intellectual property is one of their main assets.
“There are provisions for protection of intellectual property rights but, in fact, it is very difficult to deal with IP crimes effectively as the law enforcing agencies are not aware of current situation and development.
“In our system it is now possible to register the services under classes 35 to 44 since introducing the new Trademarks Act, 2009. Presently we do not see any differences of legislation with the neighbouring countries.”
The Trademarks Act, 2009 is a recent addition to Bangladesh IP law. The government introduced the registration of services and at the same time increased the fees, in some cases up to 15 times. The department is yet to be automated and, currently, all of its systems are manual. A trademark registration usually takes around two years, but presently it takes much longer.
Mr Hossian noted: “The Donor Agencies are working hard to improve the situation in the department. They have nominated people to monitor the development and the next step is to upgrade the department, automate the system and shift it to an independent place, perhaps within the second capital, Agargaon, where World Bank and Asian Banks offices are situated.”