Lourdes Caposso Fernandes

Lourdes Caposso Fernandes is the founder and President of the LCF-Legal Counsel Firm Group. This Group is comprised of three units: a law firm she founded in 2008 called LCF- Legal Counsel Firm, a nonprofit unit called Associação Lei com Força and on the 1st October 2013 she founded a consultancy in the United States of America called Local Content Focus LLC.

She founded the units of the LCF Group on a patriotic premise with a mission to contribute towards the sustainable development of our country by valuing Angolan human resources. Dr. Lourdes wrote a book entitled ` Valuing Human Capital, Angolanization for Petroleum´.

Lourdes is an international speaker, having spoken at various international forums and roundtable discussions. She is a qualified lawyer, has a law degree from the University of Lisbon, a masters degree in International Commercial Law and an LLM from the University of Lisbon. She is a registered attorney at the bar association of Angola and Portugal.

Her areas of specialization include Oil & Gas law, Foreign Investment law, Labour law, Banking, Finance, Contracts, Ethics and Compliance. She is also a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) and a founding member of the Ethics institute of Angola. She and her firm are the exclusive representatives of FRAUDNET in Angola.

Natural Resources Law Practice:

The complexities of oil and gas law are magnified when crossing international borders. It can be critical to put together a team that is well-versed in international energy and business law to ensure that overseas operations are not only profitable, but compliant with the laws of the countries involved. At LCF Group, we have developed extensive skills in helping our clients navigate the differing challenges of various international markets.

From our law offices in Luanda, Angola, and Houston, Texas, we represent U.S. oil and gas companies operating in African countries like Angola and Nigeria, and South American countries like Brazil, as well as in other oil-producing countries around the globe. We also assist European, Asian and other worldwide interests in their international oil and gas endeavors.

Our lawyers provide representation in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. We have served leading oil and gas corporations, oil rig manufacturers, telecommunications providers for oil and gas corporations, and a full array of other services ancillary to but dependent upon oil and gas. From resolving conflicts for multinational corporations that have found themselves in violation of international ethics and anti-corruption laws to providing guidance to pipe-fitting businesses and other businesses interested in getting contracts for work in African or other international petroleum drilling operations, we have proven that our experience and knowledge are invaluable resources.

LCF Group:

The international LCF Group is centered in Luanda, Angola, and Houston, Texas. Currently one of the largest law firms in sub-Saharan Africa, we are an international leader in the transnational energy law, and oil and gas law sectors.

Our commitment to client-centered service is embodied by our motto, “Working Together Works,” and we have centered our full range of practice areas around timely and effective attention to meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.

LCF Group was founded by Lourdes Caposso Fernandes after a successful career representing an international oil and gas corporation. She earned her J.D. and LL.M. from the University of Lisbon, where she also received a master’s degree in international commercial law. Attorney Fernandes has since become an author as well as an internationally sought-after speaker on ethical practices and compliance.

With lawyers hailing from Africa, the far east, Europe and the United States, our law firm has continued to build an internationally recognized team, including many selected for inclusion in the Super Lawyers list.

Luís Filipe Carvalho

Literary abilities
– Graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon (1990)
Professional qualifications
– Lawyer registered at the Bar Association of Portugal, with No. 10000L
– Lawyer registered at the Bar Association of Angola, in 1127
– Member of the Direction of Penal Forum – Association of criminalists Lawyers (2012-2014)
– Member of the Leonino Council Sporting Clube de Portugal (2011-13)
– Vice-President of the Foundation Sporting Clube de Portugal (2011)
– CJLP – Jurists of the Community of Portuguese Language (founding member, 2010)
– Member of the Board of ASSOFT – Portuguese Software Association (2007-2012)
– General Council of the Portuguese Bar Association (2005-2007)
– Lisbon District Council of the Portuguese Bar Association (2002-2004)
– Permanent Representative in UALP – Union of Lawyers of Portuguese Language (2005-2007)
Professional experience
– Partner at “ABBC & Associados, RL Law Firm” (since March 2007)
– Partner of “Azevedo Neves Benjamim Mendes & Associados, RL Law Firm” (1995-2007)
– Professor at the School of Real Estate Activities (ESAI)
– Guest lecturer course graduate of ISLA (2006-2012)
– Guest speaker on postgraduate courses at the Law School of the University of Lisbon in the Lease Law and Real Estate (2004-2007)
– Assistant at the Law Faculty of Lisbon University (1989-1997)
– Trainer in post-graduate course in the Court of Auditors (1994)
– He participated as a representative of the Bar Association in the work on the reform of the Urban Lease in September 2004 (the XV Government) and May to July 2005 (XVI Government)