More Business, Less Politics.

More Business, Less Politics. The Entrepreneurial Responsibility of 2017

One of the main endeavors of a counselor is to preserve consistency whilst securing composure, peace and lawfulness even in the most wavering or uncertain of external or internal conditions for our clients. As analyst and writer, I tend to stray from political views and opinions, trying to remain objective in regards to workplace events and client concerns. 2017 nonetheless, has been plagued with political anxieties and questions from uncertain business leaders that appear hesitant or cautious as to see how the new geo political circumstances will change or affect the commercial world that we live in. As I do in private, I do not and will not go into detail in regards with new presidencies and political undertakings simply because I do not think that the circumstances that will shape our world will come out of a bill or political system, but moreover from commercial contexts. The true peacekeeping or peace breaking agreements and policies will be made in boardrooms and private trade agreements that will escape political misfortune and that factually do escape news, media and political agendas.

As business leaders and entrepreneurs face the rest of 2017 and the next decade, none must lose sight of the responsibility that their position entails. More than ever, true connectivity, open ended trade deals and bridging differences through mutual benefit transactions will be the cornerstone of peace in the world. It must be understood that the next wars might not be made through military and armed combat but through and from commercial and business frivolity.  It is not politics that will shape and change the world but moreover, the ability that we may have as a private sector to move forward guaranteeing peace in foreign trade, reliability in our agreements and consistency in our obligation to add value. This in itself demands great responsibility internationally but also means locally, that all businesses and leaders must fathom just how big their impact is. Being socially responsible in any feasible way is the most tangible and direct way to alleviate social issues of all kinds, and thereafter to influence social harmony.

As a consequence, this is not an analysis about how internal or external government policies may shape business decisions and how all our clients must remain cautious as we stand by. It is a mistake to postpone business and national/international supported growth or wait in anticipation as it is irresponsible to not take into consideration the depth of the responsibility that being a business leader or an entrepreneur entails.

Companies big and small must choose leaders wisely and those leaders must address their employees, their given sectors, nations and competitors astutely as there must be more positive viral tweets and messages from business leaders than from presidents. Society must start to value deal closers not policy makers, and must see our commercial responsibility reflected on all outlets as to oppose all unrest. Corporations and business leaders where not voted in, and our world must not be shaped by temporary candidates but from all of those leaders that created goods and/or services of value that remain due to three particular traits: merit, consistency and value.

In our era, the unprecedented connectivity and rate of change entails that the future does not necessarily lie in our sons or descendants. The future lies in our ability to face 2017 with responsibility, not with anxiety and to promote business leaders and commercial values whilst guaranteeing modern commercial peace so that our sons and descendants actually have a future to hope for.  In closing, all corporations should be better than ever in social media, in mass media and all leaders must promote one thing in the midst of all unrest: more business, less politics, international peace, local goodwill and corporate responsibility.


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