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New Member – Sophie Newbould joins as the Data Solutions Law Expert in the United Kingdom

Leaders in Law, the leading platform in its field, is delighted to welcome Sophie Newbould as our exclusively recommended & endorsed Data Solutions Law expert in the United Kingdom. A UK-licensed solicitor. Sophie’s background spans corporate, commercial and government legal work at the highest levels. Her decisive approach to business means clients receive clarity, simplicity […]

What are the Rights & Obligations of Construction Workers?

As with any business, every worker has their specific rights and obligations – this is the case within the construction industry whether you work for a big company or are self-employed – here are the different ways in which they are governed. Contracts Contracts are an essential part of any construction project. They are key […]

Greenwashing: A Rising Threat to Businesses

When Boohoo launched their ‘Ready for the Future’ range in 2021, they claimed that clothing in this line is “made of more than 20% more sustainable materials.” In January 2023, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation into Boohoo to scrutinise the validity of these claims. If they’re found to be untrue, Boohoo […]

The Intriguing World of Legal Strategy in Hospital Malpractice Cases

Decoding the Complexities of Hospital Malpractice Hospital malpractice embodies a spectrum of incidents that range from minor errors to major oversights. These unfortunate events are frequently due to negligence or incompetence but can also result from systematic issues within healthcare establishments. It’s crucial to seek legal representation after hospital malpractice, and this will help safeguard […]

Injury Prevention and Life Insurance: Promoting Safety for Enhanced Coverage

In today’s society, life insurance is an important safety net for many families who want to ensure they are financially covered in case of untimely tragedy. However, what if there were a way to enhance your coverage and reduce the money you would owe? Injury prevention programs through the legal industry are working diligently to […]

Alternatives to Bankruptcy: Exploring Debt Settlement and Consolidation

Are you struggling with an unmanageable debt burden? You are not alone. In the United States, there are millions of people suffering from significant debt. If your situation seems too overwhelming even to consider repaying your debts, know that there are alternatives besides bankruptcy — such as debt settlement and consolidation — that may apply […]